In reference to Lomita Avenue:

Keith Messick is a superlative architect and businessperson, and I recommend him without reservation. Keith designed and provided construction oversight for a 748-sq-ft home built in 2009. His knowledge was extensive, his cost was reasonable, and his communication skills were outstanding. He consistently met deadlines and worked extremely well with all of the construction tradepersons involved, as well as with local officials and with me as the client. 

Keith demonstrated a remarkable ability to make real my dreams and visions. The home he designed for me -- intended initially to generate rental income, and then as my own home, which it is now -- came with built-in challenges: It is an independent secondary dwelling unit, so both state and local laws and size limitations had to be followed; and the city in which the home exists has stringent standards (setbacks, building height, conformity to neighborhood, etc.) that had to be met. 

In 748 square feet there's not necessarily much room for closets and/or storage. This was one area in which Keith's expertise and creativity really helped. Despite the relatively small size of this home, Keith met my wish for a full kitchen, an indoor washer/dryer (which are stackable), and a half-bathroom downstairs with a full bathroom upstairs next to the bedroom. Upstairs he created a balcony off the bedroom, to open up the feeling of spaciousness. He also incorporated a 10-foot ceiling downstairs to give the feeling of expansiveness in a small area, and he included openable windows on three sides of the home to promote cross-ventilation. My electric bills are modest as a result! 

Keith's ability to listen to me, to interpret my not always well articulated needs and wishes, and to communicate quickly and effectively with sub-contractors was consistently excellent. I have nothing but the highest respect for this excellent architecture professional.