Our approach to design is always the same.  But the result differs for every client.  Residential architecture is very personal.  It simply can't be any other way.  Our process reflects this.

We begin by understanding your expectations, defining your budget, and clearly prioritizing your wants and needs.   We will discuss how you live at great length.  Additionally, we will consider many other variables such as site parameters, potential views, sources of noise, and privacy sight lines.

As we develop and propose solutions, these are discussed and evaluated.  Revisions are made based on your feedback.  The review process often generates further ideas that require exploration.  Iteratively, we move towards a plan that meets with your approval.  Finally, we document the solution with detailed construction drawings. 

These resulting construction drawings/documents, along with any other necessary supporting documents from other consultants, will be used to obtain building permits.

They will also be used to obtain cost estimates/bids from qualified general contractors.  If you do not have a general contractor in mind, we will help you select one.  After receiving estimates, we will review and discuss the pros and cons of each of the estimates with you.  We will answer your questions and, likely, seek out more information from each of the bidding contractors.  Through this review process, you will ultimately select a contractor for your project.

After you select a general contractor, we will assist you with the construction of your project by periodically visiting the construction site to observe progress and verify that construction is as planned.  The contractors will have lots of questions for you during the construction process.  You will also likely have many questions during this time.  We will answer your questions and help you answer your contractor’s questions as well. 

During the entire design and construction process, we never forget that this is your project; your house.  We take the time to get it right.