Scope: New Construction. 

Status: Complete.

This small residence was built to conform to AB 1866, the Accessory Dwelling Unit law that allows an additional unit, up to a maximum 640 square feet, to be built on a lot with an existing residence.  The owner, having only 640 square feet of living space, was looking to expand her options for living and entertaining. The yard, at approximately 1700 square feet, presented itself as the natural solution.  Three garden areas were designed within the overall space.  There is a natural gas fire pit with seating, a shaded area with seating, and a more private area that allows for quiet relaxation and meditation.  The carport area also serves dual purpose as another area for entertaining with a barbecue/food preparation area as well as a convertible table that hides within the screen wall.  Behind and integrated with the food prep area is a shed that provides valuable storage.