The home is more than simply physical shelter.  It is where relationships with family and friends develop and strengthen.   It provides mental shelter and peace, as well.  It allows, enables, and promotes our interaction with the world.

The aesthetic of the home says much about who we are and who we aspire to be; it is a reflection of the lives of those who inhabit it.  We identify with it and it becomes a source of our identity.

KM|A designs spaces that personally reflect the way our clients want to live, both functionally and aesthetically.  We work with clients to understand how they live; how they want to live.  We explore these ideas, present solutions that stimulate discussions, and, finally, resolve issues.

Architecture exists when there is a reciprocal and harmonious relationship between design and construction.  KM|A considers, with purpose, the craft of construction and the use, application, and cost of materials, while remaining sensitive to the environment.  We are always mindful of our clients' resources, regardless of project size.  We ensure that the budget, including time and schedule, is always respected.

KM|A, ultimately, strives for balance: achieving established goals without necessarily placing one constraint over another.